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after playing ladder on GGS, this is incredibly cathartic.

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This game looks amazing, but the button config is disorentating.
For a game this fast pace, it's better to just have a dedicated button for shuriken instead of UP+X. I have to stop all momentum to throw these things.
If this was made to encourage aggressive play and keep players from hiding in a corner and spam it out, Good work I like that.
but If not I makes dealing with flying enemies a chore instead of a challenge and makes your kit for combat combo hastile .
but there is a lot of Potential for this and It can only get better from here, good luck!

i love the idea of this, some much so that i'd be will to buy this as it's own rpg. still has its problems but im sure they'll be fixed in the update. i'd love a new roster of ladies and animated cut scenes, some sound wouldn't hurt either.

this game is good, the main character is sexy and witty, right after defeating the first boss, i started dying at the dialog when she's trying to get the portal to work, very clever. the sex scenes are pretty good too but one dimensional, a can tell this game took alot of love and care for each shot...BUT WHAT DOES A BROTHER GOTTA DO TO GET SOME ASS IN HIS FACE, I REQUIRE MORE ASS!!! the controls are a bit laggy, like i tried dashing while running away from the angel boss and got teleported to the ground when i was in the air, plus i'd think it would be nice to be able to control how long you can block, CUZ BE KNOCKED BACK BY THAT FAT B@#CH BROOD QUEEN FOR PLAYING IT SAFE IF F@#KING TITIOUS. SERIOUSLY IF THE SPAWN ABILITY GONNA TAKE 2 MINUTES TO HATCH CAN IT AT LEAST BE A HOMING ATTACK, I CAN'T TELL HOW MANY TIMES I WAS SO CLOSE TO BEATING HER AND I GET HIT BY THE GREEN BARRIER AND GET FLIPPED AROUND, TILL THIS DAY I CAN'T BEAT HER. but that aside defeated the mini bosses ad getting their powers is soooooooooooooooooo rewarding, i've never jumped up and yell "FU@# YEAH " at a game since i saved princess peach from D.K.. the upgrades and abilities are so wroth it for a game this challenging, which is pretty weird for a game when half the time you f@#k the demons you kill but still pretty well made. but to be honest i've raged more to this game then fapped to it, its good but ball busting .
oh and for new players, back track to level up. trust me when you reach level 6 on the first stage ,then fight the first boss, you'll thank me later. [peace]

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yo, this filter is amazing.
halftones look good but are a tad sloppy around the legs.
for an experiment I'd love to see this fleshed out, great work man.

put the purple back!

You know I gotta give my Boi 5 stars.

Just a casual nerd and artist just trying to make a living through drawing what I love...and then slapping boobs on em.
all nsfw characters depicted are 19+.
Thank you for stopping by and Liking my work.





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